If you have accessed PaymentNet via the Safari web browser in the last few months you have probably seen a Banner on the top of the page saying that your browser is un supported. You can use Safari to reconcile your charges just fine can you can even create reports but you can’t download the reports, they just aren’t clickable.

Well, it turns out that there is a way to make them clickable: zoom in on the page. When you zoom in on the page and try to click the download click there is now a small section near the top, about a pixel tall, that is clickable. If zoom in again that clickable area gets a little bit bigger. If you zoom in even further the results repeat themselves. Eventually, if you zoom in to about 400% you can now click the entire link.

Once you can click on it, doing so will download your report to your Downloads folders.

Watch the video below for a demonstration.

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