Looking for your Drexel COE Citrix server address?

For Freshmen Engineering, use https://apps2.coe.drexel.edu/
For Dornsife School of Public Health, use https://apps2.coe.drexel.edu/
All other departments or classes, use https://apps.coe.drexel.edu/


Accessing the College of Engineering virtual classroom Desktops and Applications

The recommended browsers for Citrix are Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Chrome and Opera users may need to download the Citrix Receiver for Chrome app from the Chrome Store. If you are experiencing problems with frequent disconnects from the remote desktops please make sure your Citrix Receiver client is the latest version offered from Citrix.

  • If you are not on the Drexel University campus you will need to use the Drexel VPN site to connect. Please follow our Connecting to the COE Citrix System from home instructions on guidance to using Citrix from home.
  • Once you are on the Drexel network please open up a browser and go one of the following sites, depending on your student status.
  • Once the page loads you will see a prompt asking you to install Citrix Receiver, this is the software used to view virtual applications and desktops


  • Make sure the box “I agree with the Citrix license agreement” is checked and than click the Install button


  • You will be asked if you would like to run or save Citrix Receiver, click the Run button


  • Continue through the steps with installing the Receiver. Once finished, you may be presented with the following screen requesting you to run an Add-On Script.



  • Now your browser should be asking to run the add-on ‘Citrix Systems, Inc’ from ‘Citrix Systems, Inc.’ if you don’t see this box please refresh the page. Once you see the box click the Allow button
  • Once the page reloads and the add-on starts you will see a warning asking if Citrix can run, check the “Do not show me the warning for this program again” box and then click the Allow butto


  • You will now see the login screen, in the User name: box enter your full Drexel email address (e.g. abc123@drexel.edu), and in the password: box use your Drexel password. Click the Log On button


  • Once you have logged in you should be able to use any desktops that you have been given permission to use. If you are just using a specific application skip to the next step
    • Please Note: (You may see only one desktop, which are specifically designed to meet the class requirements)


  • Upon Choosing the desktop, a window will appear letting you know the connection status. When it disappears, your desktop will begin to load.


  • Once your desktop is loaded, you should be able to use it as you would a normal computer.


Accessing Virtual Applications Only


  • If you need to access a specific app that doesn’t require the desktop, click the Apps button at the bottom of the page
  • Now click the + button on the left hand side to add applications to your workspace


  • Your applications are broken into categories find the appropriate category for your application (or use the All Apps section) and click


  • Now find the specific application you need and click it to add the app to your workspace, apps with a green checkmark will show up in your workspace automatically the next time you log in


  • Now click on the app on your workspace to open the app
  • The first time the app runs you may see an error message about Citrix Receiver accessing information on your computer, please check the box that says “Do not ask me again for this site” and then click Permit use
  • Your app will now open.