Does your research count on a custom application running off a computer under someone’s desk?  Does your group have limited licenses for specialized software that needs to be shared among group members?

COE offers virtualized application, workstation, and server hosting to research groups.  COE maintains an extensive virtualized infrastructure, and is working to create a cluster of servers dedicated to research group use.

We are not currently able to offer hosting for computationally-intensive applications or applications with large disk or memory requirements.  The best fit for our current configuration is group workstations that have proprietary software installed but require greater reliability than a standard desktop provides.

All servers managed by COE CTS get the following:

  • Centralized management of security updates
  • Local administrative access for advisor-selected group members
  • Default firewall protection with custom port rules available upon request
  • Anti-virus and malware protection
  • Uptime and network behavior monitoring
  • Weekly full system backups

Physical-to-Virtual conversion is available for workstations currently in use, or a new install can be created from scratch.

If your research has greater needs that what’s available, please contact the COE CTS Staff to discuss other options.