Microsoft has announced that support for Windows XP, first released in 2001, will be discontinued after March 2014. Microsoft will no longer provide security patches or other updates for this obsolete operating system. Accordingly, it is imperative that academic and administrative departments identify their remaining Windows XP computers and make plans to upgrade them since they present an inviting target for cyber criminals. Once Microsoft ceases support, computers running Windows XP will be defenseless against new security threats and compromises.

To protect sensitive personal information that Drexel stores and to protect the University from being used as a platform to launch attacks against others, it may be required that any computers still running Windows XP be removed from Drexel network access and be unable to use Drexel resources or the Internet after April 2014.

Some of these Windows XP computers might be very old. A subset of them will likely not be able to upgrade to Windows 7, which came out in 2009. Departments should plan for replacing old, un-upgradable computers before Microsoft’s April 1, 2014 end-of-support deadline.

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