Drexel Licensed Software

Drexel maintains a number of software packages for all members of the university community, as well as specific pieces of software available only to faculty, staff, and other employees.  You can find more information at IRT’s Software page, or you can browse the downloadable files directly (using your @drexel.edu credentials).  A number of specialty packages are available for use in the Korman Center.

College & Departmental Software

Some academic and research software packages are available to specific departments or research groups.  This includes analysis software such as Abaqus, COMSOL, and specific MATLAB packages; control software such as LabView; and field-specific database software such as CES Materials Selector.  We are currently conducting an audit of all software owned by faculty and research groups with in the College of Engineering so we can work to reduce redundancy and provide broader access.

To access college and department licensed software, please follow the instructions for connecting to the COE File Server, and then browse to the Software share.