The College of Engineering provides email accounts to all faculty and staff within the college.  Web-based access to email and calendars is available at

Mail Storage Quotas

Currently, mail accounts have a 10GB quota (equivalent to over 5 years worth of email, assuming 50kb per message and 100 messages per day).  Mail actively stored on the servers can be synced automatically to any computer or mobile device.

Shared Calendars

Calendars associated with mail accounts can be shared among faculty and staff.  Custom group, room, or equipment calendars are available.

High Availability

Currently, COE email services are hosted on a 3-Tier Microsoft Exchange 2013 DAG cluster.  Redundant systems for both mail storage and access located in different server rooms provide high availability in the event of unexpected outages.

Spam and Virus Filtering

Spam and malware filtering is provided by the use of a Barracuda Networks Spam and Virus Firewall.  The filters are updated hourly to prevent 0-hour attacks as soon as they appear on the web.