Are you in charge of a WordPress site hosted on COE web servers?  Have you received an email from wordpress@{yoursite} telling you that Your site has updated to WordPress x.y.z?

This is completely normal!  Starting in WordPress 3.7, automatic updates are enabled by default.  This ensures that security patches are applied whether you remember to log in and run them or not.  Patches are contained to the current minor version, so if you’re running 3.7.2, you will be updated automatically to 3.7.3, not 3.8.x.  Jumping to the next minor version release still requires interaction to make sure that plugins and themes work properly.

All site files and databases are backed up nightly, so if you experience a problem with an update, please let us know immediately at (or via the blue Support box to the left) and we’ll get it rolled back.

Automatic updates, coupled with locking down administrative access to Drexel’s network, have allowed us to host more than 40 sites for over a year with zero known security issues.  Thanks for helping us keep your sites running smoothly and securely!