In an effort to continue to integrate with the Drexel community, we will be rolling out a fresh installation of our network file sharing and syncing platform, OwnCloud, currently accessible at  Our current plan is to complete the migration this Friday, July 18th.

What this means for you

The biggest change is how you log in.  If you use currently, you log in using your COE credentials.  Moving forward, you will instead use your Drexel domain credentials (most likely set the same as what you log into DrexelOne, i.e. abc123).

What you should do

If you currently have files synced using the OwnCloud client, you don’t need to do anything.  OwnCloud will resync your files once you log in using your Drexel credentials.  If you currently have files stored only on Owncloud, you must log in and down them.  We will be archiving these files and can restore them on a case-by-case basis.  All files shared with others will need to be reshared.

Technical Issues

We were running into issues with the current installation of OwnCloud due to the upgrade path, which a fresh configuration of the latest version seems to have fixed.  If you noticed poor upload speeds or long deletion times, then you’ve experienced some of the problems that are slated to be resolved with this upgrade.


As always, the COE Computing and Technical Services group is here to help, and is happy to walk you through this process.  Please email, call us at x4444, or bring your computing device to Bossone 614/613.