On Monday evening (5/29), all shares on the COE File and Research File servers will be set to READ-ONLY.  A final sync will be performed to the new file servers, and then the names and IP address will be moved to the new servers.

If you are attempting to access files during this time, you should be able to read data with no issues.  However, until the switchover is complete, you will not be able to save files.

Given that this is a holiday weekend, we hope that this causes a minimal disruptions.  We expect the systems to be entirely operational by Tuesday AM, and all existing drive maps should continue to work (as long as they reference \\files.coe.drexel.edu or \\researchfiles.coe.drexel.edu).  If you have any issues, please let us know!

Faculty / Group Super Users: There are a number of groups with entirely empty shared space, so please let us know if you’re having trouble accessing your space or need to update the list of students who may access your data.  If you do not currently have space provisioned, please email us with your group name and Drexel account names of your group members (e.g. abc123).

If you’re interested in the particulars of how your data is stored and backed up, as well as for info on how to connect to your shares, please visit https://tech.coe.drexel.edu/files/network/

We hope that the additional space and reliability of our COE file servers will assist you in your research.  There will be some additional changes to file storage in the coming months with respect to grants and data retention – we will communicate those changes once they’re finalized.