Accessing Shared Calendars in Outlook

In order to access a shared calendar, you must make sure you have been given permissions to access it first.

For accessing other users calendars, make sure the other user has shared their calendar first (Instructions Here).

For accessing room calendars, please have your direct supervisor email with their approval first.


1. Select the Calendar tab on the bottom left of the Outlook window.

2.  From the top bar, select “Open Calendar”.

3. You can open a user calendar or a room calendar from here.

  • If you select a “Room Calendar”, you can choose from a list of available seminar or conference rooms.



  • If you select “From Address Book”, you must select and individual from the Global Address List.


4. After choosing the room or Individual, you should now have a listing of the selected calendar on the left side of your MS Outlook Calendar Window.


Any questions or concerns, contact