Granting Access to your calendar

The COE Exchange environment allows for users to share and access other individuals calendars. In order to access a shared calendar, the other user must set the proper permissions on their system.

To share your calendar, you will need to have Outlook open and connected.

1. Select the Calendar tab on the bottom left of the Outlook window.

2. Locate your calendar from the list in “My Calendars“. Once located, rick click on the calendar and select “properties


3. Once the properties box appears, you will want to select the “permissions” tab.


4. Click the “ADD” button and you will be presented with the Global Address List. Scroll through and find the user you would like to give access to your calendar. Highlight their name, click the Add button and select OK.


5. The final step is to grant them the correct permissions to your calendar.

The typical permission is Editor which lets them add and remove items.

If you want them to simply review your calendar, choose Reviewer. 


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