is designed and works best for ad-hoc groups of faculty and staff working collaboratively on projects that require the flexibility provided by third-party file sharing and syncing services (DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, etc) while helping academic units and college operations comply with University data storage and retention policies.

Please note that the COE Cloud File Syncing and Sharing Service is not available for student use, and is for operational and administrative use by faculty and staff only.  If you are a member of an Engineering student group or design team that needs space to share files, space can be provisioned for you on the COE File Servers.

All faculty and staff can log onto COE’s Cloud via a browser at  Enter your Drexel username only — no domain info is necessary (e.g. abc123).

Multi-device Synced Personal Storage for Offline Use

Desktop sync clients are available for a variety of OSs, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android.  When setting up sync clients, use as the server address.

File Sharing Basics with OwnCloud

Direct Access for Online Use

You can mount the share directly from within Windows, Mac OS X, or most Linux distros.  Instructions are provided at the previous links — please use

as the server.

Quotas and File Limitations

Currently, 25GB is provided to each faculty and staff, with a single file limit of 4GB.

For larger collaborative file sharing or research storage needs, please contact the COE Tech Staff.

Drexel University’s Data Storage Policy

Drexel’s Policy OGC-9 prohibits storing University Information on anything other than University Resources.  Full definitions for University Information and University Resources are provided, and are sufficiently broad so as to cover any and all information related to University activities and business.

Please note that this policy implicitly prohibits storing or sharing information by a third-party service, including DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, and similar services.