Faculty, Staff, and Lab Computers

All University-owned computers that were purchased through or approved for purchase by CTS are entitled to support.  This includes:

  • pick-up and drop-off from most University City campus locations
  • arranging replacement parts under select warranty programs
  • purchasing of replacement parts for repairs not covered under warranty (requires a department or research account number)
  • data recovery analysis and attempt
  • referral for additional services

Non-Approved University-owned Computers

Any computers purchased directly by a faculty member or research group that were not approved by CTS are entitled to basic levels of support, including:

  • OS installation / reimaging
  • referral for additional services

Student Computers

Student-owned computers are not eligible for service from the COE Helpdesk Staff.

However, students are permitted to bring their computers to the COE Helpdesk office in Bossone 614 to use self-service repair equipment.