The first time you log into ENGRAPPS you may need to install the necessary Citrix software to access your desktops and applications. Start by using a web browser to go to Once the site loads you will be asked to install the Citrix Receiver software. Check the “I agree with the the Citrix license agreement” box and then click the Install button.

Your browser will download the CitrixReceiverWeb file.

Open the CitrixReceiverWeb file and then run the Install Citrix Receiver application

A new window will open and the installer will ask to verify it can be installed, click the Continue button

Now the installer will give you a welcome screen, click the Continue button

Accept the license agreement on the next screen and click the Continue button

The installer will ask you again about the license, click the Agree button

The installer is now ready to install, click the Install button

You will now need to enter your username and password for your Mac, click the Install Software button

Now the installer will ask you to add an account you can ignore this step and just click the Continue button

Once the Installer is done click the Close button

Now go back to your browser and click the Continue button

You will be asked to give ENGRAPPS permission to run the Citrix Reciever plug-in, click the Trust button

Now login using your DrexelOne username and password (i.e. abc123)

Now click over to the Desktops section, you should see any Desktops assigned to you here

Finally click on the monitor icon to open your Desktop session