For COE users, faculty or staff only, who need a COE Windows desktop either because you are on a Mac or working remotely We now have the College of Engineering Remote Desktop Server. To setup this resource on your system please follow the instructions below. If you require assistance or have any problems please contact us at:

Phone: (215) 571-4444

First you need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the Mac App Store. Let’s start by opening the Mac App Store. Go to the Apple Menu in the upper left of your screen and click the App Store… item.

The Mac App Store will now open. Once its open go to the Search bar in the upper right of the window. Now type in “microsoft remote desktop” and press the enter key.

In the results that come up find the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and click the INSTALL button. If required enter your Apple ID and the associated password.

Once the app is installed go ahead and click the OPEN button

After the app opens find the Remote Resources button located on the top toolbar

In the new window that opens fill in the following sections with info listed below, once you are done click the Refresh button:
User name: drexel\<your abc123 username>
Password: <your abc123 password>

The window should now update with a new URL and the message “Successfully loaded Remote Resources”. Once you see this message close this window using the red button in the upper left

You should now see a COE Staff entry, double click on this entry

On the first login you will be asked to give permissions for sharing your local resources (files, printers, clipboard, etc.) with the remote desktop. Click the option “Select a folder to access remotely”

Now click the Browse … option

Go ahead and open the folder you want to share with the remote desktop, your home folder or your documents folder is usually the best option. Once you have selected your folder click the Choose button

Finally make sure the box “Do not ask again for connections to this computer” is checked and then click the Connect button

You will now be connected to the COE Remote Desktop Server and be able to use Windows only programs when needed.