The Engineering Computing and Technical Services group is comprised of IT professionals and department lab managers who work together to assist faculty, staff, and students fulfill their academic and research needs.

Because we’re able to work on the scale of the entire College of Engineering, we provide a number of solutions that fill a specific need in the engineering community.  While there are many general computer needs universal to the entire university, we specialize in meeting the challenges unique to engineering and scientific research.

Research Data Storage

All COE research groups have access to 10TB of storage space on the COE Research File Server.  Information about how to request and access this space is available here.

Hosted Virtual Servers & Applications

CTS maintains a number of virtual hosts dedicated to research group workloads.  If your group has a need for a dedicated server (or already has one running under someone’s desk), chances are a virtual server will fit that need.  Contact us for more information about setting something up or to inquire about migrating from an existing server.

Research Equipment Backups

PCs attached to research equipment should be backed up after installation, configuration changes, or calibrations.  Full instructions are available here.

Research Group Websites

All COE research groups have access to host a group or lab website.  A variety of platforms can be hosted, but we have found that WordPress works best for most research groups where student turnover is a given (Drupal or Joomla might seem great, until the person managing it graduates!).  .Net applications can also be hosted.  Check here for more information.