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Microsoft OneDrive

The Office365 license provided for all full-time faculty, staff, and students comes with access to Microsoft OneDrive, including 5TB of space per user to store files.

Accessing OneDrive files

You can access files stored in OneDrive from any web browser by logging in to // and clicking on OneDrive or by going directly to OneDrive.

You can access files stored in OneDrive from any Office365 application.

Sharing OneDrive files

Sharing is built in to OneDrive. Please review these instructions to learn how to share files or folders with specific users or groups within Drexel, or via link with external users. Sharing can be set as read-only for distribution purposes or read-write for collaboration.

Syncing Files Across Devices

OneDrive apps are available for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Linux Access

Although there is no supported OneDrive client for Linux, Linux users may access their OneDrive files via a web browser or may use community-supported sync apps. CTS does not provide support for installing or configuring these 3rd party clients.