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COE Research File Server

The Engineering Research File Server is hosted in our Bossone server room and gives research groups access to terabytes of reliable storage with nightly backups.

Access requests

For obvious security reasons, we cannot grant access to a group's folder based on a direct student request. All access requests must be initiated or verified by a group administrator or PI. Please review our group management policies for more information.

New folder requests

For new group storage, please contact us to have a new folder created. For student and senior design groups, please include a list of domain accounts that require access, as well as the name of any applicable faculty advisers.

Student Design Group Storage

We offer network-accessible storage space to student design groups using software that's able to make use of a network share as a central repository (e.g. Autodesk Revit). To request new storage space, please submit a request ticket with your group name as well as the usernames of all group members (including faculty advisers) that need access.

Locating your files

Depending on what you have access to, files can be found at the following locations. Please note that any words in {curly brackets} are placeholders and must be replaced with the appropriate information. If you do not know what to replace it with, simply leave it off entirely. You will see all of the folders within the share that you have access to.

Instructions for accessing these shares from Windows, macOS, and Linux are available.

  • Research Groups
    \\\data\{group name}
  • Student Groups
    \\\student groups\{student group name}
  • Senior Design Groups
    \\\senior design\{student group name}

Research groups may request additional storage space, which will be provided if available on a case-by-case basis. For research groups with needs that vastly exceed the available quota, please contact us to discuss additional options.