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Engineering Software

CTS manages software availability and licensing for the academic programs and research initiatives within the College of Engineering. If you'd like to request new software or access to existing software, please review our software request process.

Installing via Software Center (Windows)

All of our software packages are deployed via Software Center to university-owned PCs running Microsoft Windows on the domain. Click on the Start Menu and type Software Center to launch it.

Installing via Self Service (macOS)

Drexel-wide software packages available for macOS users can be installed via Self Service. Click on Spotlight (the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) and search for Self Service to launch it.

Installing via the COE File Server

Software packages that are available for self-install can be found on the Software share of the COE File Server at

  • Windows: \\\software
  • macOS/Linux: smb://

Please review any included .txt files for specific requirements or instructions related to installing that piece of software.

Remote access to class software

Engineering students have access to course-related software via our virtual labs. We're currently migrating to our newest virtual lab platform, and continue to host our legacy labs using our Citrix environment, ENGRAPPS and our Remote Desktop Virtual Labs.

Centrally available software

Drexel IT maintains a list of software centrally available to all Drexel University faculty, staff, and students. Please note that DUIT's list includes paid versions of some software packages that may be included in the list of software freely available to Engineering students — please review our software request process before purchasing new software.

Software available to install on student-owned computers

The software provided in the Engineering computer labs is licensed for use on university computers, but there are a number of software packages available to students for installation and use on their personal computers.

The software below is available for students directly from the software vendors, and may require registration on their respective sites:

Research Software

Many research groups require specific software packages to be able to complete their work. Even though our academic computer labs may have software installed that would be useful for your research, these workstations may not be used for research due to limitations in the various licensing agreements. We are available to consult on research software needs and to obtain the various quotes or new license agreements needed to procure software for research use. If an existing license is available, it is usually much cheaper to add additional seats than it is to purchase an entirely new license.

Floating Network Licenses

CTS maintains a number of license servers to host floating network licenses (FNL) for various software packages. If you are obtaining new software that requires hosted licenses, please let us know and we can provide the necessary information to provide to the vendor to properly generate the license files.