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Support for Student Teams

The College of Engineering maintains a set of resources and best practices for all student teams and groups, including Senior Design teams and Engineering-affiliated student organizations.

Best Practices

Leverage Office365 Tools

Your account gets you access to a number of team related features in Office365, including Microsoft Teams (for team messaging and project tracking), OneDrive (for shared storage and document management), and Planner (for basic project management).

Use The Drexel Libraries

The Drexel Libraries have access to more advanced training tools, including content available via O'Reilly's learning playform, Safari, and the IGI Global Gateway (among many others). It's also your gateway to research journals, statistics, and a number of librarians that are incredibly proficient at hunting down even the most arcane information.


Compute & Data Storage

CTS maintains Windows and Linux servers available to groups that have compute needs beyond what is available in our computer labs. These resources are available upon request and are accessible via RDP/SSH. Please let us know if you have unique requirements (CPU/RAM/GPU) and we'll do our best to accomodate your group's needs.

While OneDrive is fine for document collaboration and small datasets, for storage needs above a few gigabytes or for applications that aren't compatible with OneDrive, CTS provides network storage space for student groups and projects.

To request compute and/or space resources, please contact us. We may ask to set up a time to meet to go over your needs if a custom solution is required.

Web Site and Database Hosting

For projects that need web, database, or container hosting, groups are encouraged to consult with us as early in the project design process as possible. We can help you more fully understand your project's IT needs and possible security implications, and provide relevant guidance.