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Hosting Overview

CTS is able to assist with hosting a variety of resources for Engineering (in addition to the commonly available data storage for operational and research storage) including:

Engineering Server Rooms

CTS hosts servers in two server rooms: our Bossone Building operational server room and our Main Building research server room. Both server rooms are housed within larger rooms, of which both the external and internal doors are secured by audited card access. Entrances are monitored by survelliance cameras. Server uptime and service availability are monitored using server monitoring tools.


Our Bossone server room has two power distribution units (PDUs) per rack, with one connected to a full-rack uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and the other connected to the building backup generator power supply.

Our Main server room has a large UPS designed to protect our operational servers. We are transitioning over to provide UPS access as part of our reracking/rewiring initiative, but currently most of our research servers are powered solely by building power or by smaller UPS units.


Both server rooms have a large permanent air conditioning unit with a backup portable unit in an active-standby configuration. The permanent units are maintained with the help of the Mechanical and Operation Systems group within Drexel Facilities.