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CTS relies heavily on Microsoft software for faculty and staff PCs, computer and research lab workstations, and the servers powering our infrastructure.

Office 365

All faculty, professional staff, and students are licensed for Office 365. You can browse the list of software available through our Office 365 licenses.

Adjunct faculty or research staff do not receive these licenses automatically -- an Office 365 license must be purchased for them before they will receive a Drexel email account and access to other Office 365 software. These licenses can be requested via Drexel IT's Support Portal. An email-only license is currently $65/account/year and includes a license for Zoom Pro. Email and access to the full Office suite is currently $135/account/year and includes Zoom Pro and Adobe Acrobat Pro licenses.


Most of our computer labs, faculty and staff PCs, and research workstations run some version of Windows. Most engineering software is released for Windows. All University-owned computers should be imaged by CTS using a University-approved copy of Windows. Faculty, staff, and students may obtain a valid license for Windows to run on their personal computers via the instructions below.

Obtaining Microsoft Software for Personal Computers

Microsoft has recently renamed their academic offerings that CTS had licensed under their Imagine Premium program. It's been rebranded as the Azure Dev Tools for Education, and can be logged in via You will be asked to accept a license agreement upon your first login. Once you're logged in, you should be able to download Microsoft software, including:

  • Windows desktop and server (multiple versions)
  • Visual Studio
  • Project
  • Visio
  • SQL Server

Standard Office products (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) are not available via the Azure Dev Tools for Education program. The University provides access to these products via Office365 licensing.

The installers for Microsoft Project and Visio are hosted on the COE File Server under \\\software\microsoft. You will need to log in to the Azure Dev Tools for Education portal above to access your personal product serial number.