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mkdo# C·Cure Door Access

Drexel's Department of Public Safety (DPS) manages the university-wide C·Cure card access system, allowing CTS to grant auditable access to secured labs, meeting spaces, and external building doors via Drexel Dragoncards. DPS maintains security guidelines regarding building access, including external door lock/unlock schedules for University City campus buildings.

Requesting access

CTS manages room access control lists for COE spaces. Requests to grant new access to secured rooms require the approval of the room's managers. For departmental rooms or meeting spaces, this is usually a member of the department's administrative staff. For research labs, this is the research group's PI or other group admins designated by the PI. For faster service, room managers should initiate access requests on behalf of new users.

Required Information

All access requests must include Drexel student or employee ID numbers (e.g. 12345678). The C·Cure system is not tied to domain accounts. Due to their non-unique nature, a user's full name alone is insufficent to grant access.

Common access issues

There are three main reasons that a door may not unlock properly: card reader issues, Dragoncard issues, and account issues.

Card reader issues

Occasionally, the card readers used to read the RFID from a Dragoncard lock up and need to be rebooted. If a door remains locked even though multiple authorized users have attempted to enter, then this is the most likely cause. You may contact CTS to verify that this is the issue, but if the issue occurs outside of our operating hours, please call DPS via their non-emergency number (215.895.2822), for assistance.

Dragoncard issues

Dragoncards are designed to put up with a lot of abuse, but sometimes the internal RFID chip and antenna can be damaged causing the card to no longer be readable by the card readers. If you've tried swiping your card at multiple readers and don't hear a beep, then your card is probably damaged. Please visit the Dragoncard office to have them test the card and create a new one for you if necessary.

Replacement Card Costs and Requirements

If a card does not appear to be damaged yet still does not scan, the Dragoncard office will usually replace it for free. However, this is at their discretion and this policy may change. Be prepared to pay the required replacement fee for a new Dragoncard. You must also bring a valid photo driver's license, passport, or state-issued photo ID.

Account status issues

Dragoncard activation is tied to a user's status in Drexel's administrative systems. There are multiple reasons why this may occur (e.g. a student graduates, required paperwork is missing, or an appointment period ends), but once a user's card is deactivated, the cause must be fixed via the appropriate administrative system before the card can be reactivated. If your card beeps when swiped, but access you previously had all of a sudden has stopped working, this is most likely the cause. CTS can verify your account status, but you must then work with your academic advisor or department's administrative staff to have the problem resolved.

Adding a new door

Please contact us for more information about adding swipe access to existing doors, including obtaining a quote from DPS for the installation.

Access Control Delegation

For groups that wish to modify and audit their own door access, we are able to grant access to the CCure system for the group's admin users. Once granted access, these users may grant and revoke access to their group members as needed, audit the current access list, and review the door access logs as needed.

For more information about setting up this delegated access, please get in touch with us so we can discuss next steps.