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Drexel University is a Cadence University Program Member. This allows our faculty to use Cadence products for instruction and research. There are several courses, listed below, that use Cadence products. These courses use the following bundles: Custom IC, SiP, Digital IC, Verification, and SPB (PCB).

  • ECE-E525 - Digital Integrated Circuits and CMOS Technology.
  • ECE-E526 - E526 is a continuation of the methods in ECE-525.
  • There are several research products that use Cadence. They do not have individual web pages.
  • ECE-E431 - ECE-E431 Microelectronics I
  • ECE-E433 - Advanced Electronics II

Many ECE Laboratory classes make use of the Cadence software suite, including:

  • ECE-L301 - ECE Laboratory I
  • ECE-L304 - ECE Laboratory IV
  • ECE-C471 - Introduction to VLSI Design
  • ECE-C472 - Custom VLSI Design and Analysis I
  • ECE-C473 - Custom VLSI Design and Analysis II
  • ECE-C474 - ASIC Design I
  • ECE-C475 - ASIC Design II

For questions about accessing Cadence software, please contact the CTS team.

Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134. This information was last updated on 4/1/2019.