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Accounts & Access domain accounts

All access to the College of Engineering's computing systems is granted via the University's Active Directory domain accounts, maintained by the Drexel IT Accounts team.

Password Management

Neither Drexel IT nor CTS will ever request your password from you via email or a support request. On the contrary, we don't want your password, ever. Don't try to give it to us (please)! Any logins that are required as part of our support are required to be performed by the end user that we're assisting.

**CTS does not have control over user accounts. Passwords for your Drexel accounts can be self-managed via Drexel's Computer Accounts Management Service (CAMS), or by contacting the Accounts team via email @ or phone @ 215.895.2020. We are unable to request password changes on your behalf. If you need to request a password change via Accounts, you will be asked to provide additional details to prove your identity.

Accounts for external users

Temporary/visiting researchers, collaborators, or contractors may be granted a domain account if they need to access to network computing resources. The sponsoring faculty member or department must submit a non-employee associate (NEA) form to HR. We recommend that this form be submitted as soon as the need is identified, as turnaround times from HR can vary significantly.

Once the account has been assigned and picked up by the NEA, please contact us to request access to the needed resources.

Graduating Students

If a graduating student plans to work in a research lab post-graduation outside of a higher degree program, their lab's PI will need to submit NEA paperwork to keep the student's accounts active. Accounts are deactivated upon graduation, so please submit the form well in advance to ensure continuity of access.

Information Security domain accounts for NEAs include access to Drexel's VPN, making it the safest way to grant external users access to files and compute resources available on Drexel's network. If document sharing and collaborative editing is all that's required, please consider using OneDrive to share files and manage access -- this method does not require that the external users have VPN access.


Departments and faculty are required to have an NEA or similar agreement on file for all visitors planning to do extensive work in Drexel labs, including volunteers. Anyone working in a Drexel lab should have a valid Dragoncard and approval to be on-campus.

Other University accounts


The office of Academic Information and Systems (AIS) supports users on systems related to:

  • Admissions
  • Enrollment
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Resource Center


The office of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) supports users on systems related to:

  • Human Resources
  • Web*Finance
  • Web*Salary