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Main 005x Taker Space

If you're looking for computer or equipment components for a design or research project (or just need a spare part to fix something that broke), then we invite you to come pick through various retired systems and components for items that can be reused. Gloves, safety goggles, and basic tools are available.

Available Components

Please feel free to take as needed. Some disassembly may be required. Any components available may be taken, including:

  • Fans & Heatsinks
  • Circuit Boards
  • Power Supplies
  • Sheet Steel
  • Screws

Most of the available equipment is retired or broken desktops and laptops. All hard drives have been removed.

Access and Hours

Main 005 is home to the Academic Center for Engineers (ACE). Please be considerate of ongoing tutoring sessions while searching for components.

The component area is at the far end of the room, and is accessible any time ACE is open. Please note that access is through the double doors to Main 005. If the room is closed, please do not try to enter. If you aren't able to find a time the room is open, please let us know and we can schedule time for a workstudy to open the room for you.

Support Policy

All hardware is provided as-is with no support or warranty expressed or implied. Drexel's student-run TechServ may be able to provide assistance for students trying to build or repair computers.


Watch out for sharp edges! Please use gloves when handling any sharp or broken components. Gloves and safety goggles are available.

Fair Use

Don’t be greedy! Take what you need, and use what you take. Please help keep the area clean -- put things back when you're done. If you have unused parts at the end of your project, feel free to add them back into the mix.

E-Waste Drop-off

Anyone may drop off e-waste any time at the marked location in the hallway to the right of the single door, 005x. Please do not leave equipment directly in front of the door.

  • Old Computers & Monitors
  • Excess Scrap & Batteries
  • Random Parts & Useful Junk
  • Cables & Circuit Boards
  • Broken Lab Equipment

Please let us know before bringing large amounts of e-waste so we can coordinate having staff present to assist. Please do not leave any known hazardous chemicals or chemical waste at this location. Rechargable batteries that appear

Other Useful Notes

  • The least useful pieces will be donated every Winter term as part of Drexel’s annual e-waste collection.
  • Batteries will be regularly picked-up and disposed of properly by Drexel's Environmental Health & Safety team