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Clonezilla Equipment PC Backups

The following instructions can be used by research groups to back up network connected equipment PCs directly to our dedicated equipment backup NAS, If you need a CloneZilla boot disk, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide one on a CD/DVD or install it onto a provided USB stick for you. You may also find a video walkthrough of these instructions useful.

  1. If the computer being backed up is running Windows, before shutting down prior to the backup, run the Drive Cleanup Wizard to remove temporary files.
  2. Boot into Clonezilla by choosing an alternate boot device (on Dell computers, press F12 at the Dell logo; other manufacturers may use Esc, F12, F10, or another keypress to get to the boot device selection screen). The default mode of Clonezilla live should work in most cases.
  3. After booting into Clonezilla, please use the following information to complete the steps:
    1. Language: English
    2. Keymap policy: Don’t touch keymap
    3. Select mode: Start Clonezilla
    4. Select mode: device-image
    5. Mount Clonezilla Image Directory: samba_server
    6. Clonezilla will then search for active network connections — select the link that shows Link detected: yes if prompted
    7. Network Config: dhcp
    8. Mount Samba Server:
    9. Domain: (leave blank)
    10. Account: backups
    11. Directory: /backups
    12. Security Mode: auto
    13. Password: press Ok, enter the password at the prompt, and press enter.
      • The password is provided by CTS staff — if you don’t have it, please contact us.
    14. If that worked, you’ll see // at the bottom of the list with the amount of disk space listed next to it, mounted on /home/partimag
    15. Choose mode: Beginner
    16. Select mode: savedisk
    17. Input a name: Remove the last word and number from the default, leaving the date (e.g. 2016-10-06) followed by a dash and then the name of the computer you’re backing up (e.g. 2016-10-06-instronpc)
    18. Choose local disk as source: typically, you’ll only need to back up the main hard drive, sda. In cases where a workstation has more than 1 hard drive, you may wish to confirm that you're backing up the system drive (based on drive size or other distinguishing characteristics).
    19. Check and repair: skip checking/repairing source file system
    20. Check the saved image: Yes
    21. Encrypt the image: No
    22. You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to proceed with the backup – please answer Y.
    23. After the backup is complete, please contact us to let us know, and we will move the file into the archived backup directory. If this backup is meant to supersede an older backup, please let us know that as well.

If you run into issues, we’re happy to assist with any custom steps that your PC requires. This backup system is NOT meant for research group workstations or data — it is solely for backing up PCs that control research equipment or perform other lab tasks.