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Mobatek has donated a site license for MobaXterm, their Windows client for managing connections to remote compute resources. MobaXterm is able to connect to SSH (including X11 remote graphics forwarding), Windows remote desktop (RDP), VNC, SFTP, and a number of other protocols. It's highly customizable, and

License & Usage

Our license covers all academic usage of the software. Students may use it to connect to Linux servers such as Xunil (ECE), Proteus (in the URCF), college-hosted research servers, and any other academic or research resources. If you'd like to use MobaXterm for connecting to non-academic related resources, please go to Mobatek's site and download the Home edition (or, if you need to use it professionally, purchase a license for their Professional version).


All college-managed Windows computers attached to the domain can install the software via Software Center.

Documentation & Support

Mobatek provides detailed documentation on their website. For help using MobaXterm, please read through the manual first and if you're still having trouble, please contact the Engineering helpdesk. Mobatek does not include support as a part of our academic license.