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Presenting Wirelessly

CTS has deployed a number of Solstice Pods across the College to provide wireless presentation capabilities for our conference rooms and meeting spaces. We have confirmed with Drexel IT that the device meets the security requirements required for use on Drexel networks.

What is a Solstice Pod?

A Solstice Pod is a small computer from Mersive Technologies that connects to our wired network and a display device such as a projector or TV via HDMI. By downloading a lightweight client on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android devices, you can connect up to the pod and present over your device's wireless connection without needing to plug in display or audio cables. This client is available for CoE-managed Windows PCs via Software Center.

Up to 4 presenters may connect to the pod simultaneously, with layout options available via the client. Presenters may opt to present their entire desktop, or to only present specific applications or media directly.

Display Lag

So far, in our experience, the pods work extremely well for relatively static content (presentations). When displaying full-screen video, there may be a slight lag -- the pods are designed to prioritize audio delivery and to drop video frames if needed. All of our conference rooms still have the ability to connect via display cables if the presentation requires full screen video.


We currently have Solstice Pods in:


By visiting the URL displayed on the screen in the conference room being used, users can download the client. If you've already installed the client for a different room, you do not need to download it again -- search your programs for Mersive Solstice and launch it from there.

Easy Pod Discovery

For easier access to the list of pods, you can enter under the Solstice Discovery Service Address on the program's general settings page.


The pods in the Hill and Speitel Conference Rooms are available on Drexel's public network so that guests can connect via DrexelGuest or other means of internet access (e.g. MiFi or phone hotspot)

Pods in locations where guests are unlikely to need access are deployed on Drexel's private networks. For users connected to Dragonfly3 or a direct Ethernet connection, there is no difference between the public and private networks with regards to connectivity.

Adding a New Pod

For departments interested in adding a pod to their meeting rooms, we are able to purchase them through a vendor for around $1000 with 2 years of software updates included. After that, support maintenance must be purchased for a cost of $100/year/device. We require that the devices be kept up to date for security, support, and compatibility reasons.

Once the device is purchased, we'll work with Drexel IT to get a static IP, hostname, and SSL certificate configured.