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Student Group and Project Storage

The College of Engineering provides collaborative file storage for all Engineering related student groups or design projects upon request.

While most student projects can make use of a variety of supportable sharing methods such as Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint, some applications such as Autodesk Revit require a traditional network share to store models for simultaneous access by multiple group members.

Migrating from ResearchFiles

The space has recently been migrated from a network share on \\ to a new server at \\ Please refer to these instructions from Autodesk to update any Revit central models to use the new location.

Network Location

These shares are hosted on A shortcut to this location is included on the common desktop of the Engineering Virtual Labs. Instructions for connecting are available here.

  • Design Project Groups \\\projects\{student org name}

  • Student Groups \\\groups\{student org name}

Off-campus Access

To access your group storage from off-campus, you may use Drexel's AnyConnect VPN service to connect to the campus network. As an alternative, these network locations can be reached from the Engineering Virtual Labs without VPN.

Storage Quotas

Use Quota
Student Groups 1TB
Design Groups 250GB

Requesting a New Folder or Access

To request a new folder, please create a ticket by emailing, including:

  • Group or project name
  • Drexel account names (e.g. abc123) of all group members and faculty advisers