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In order to better serve our Engineering community, we ask that all support tickets be created either via the Support Request form or by emailing

Scheduling a support session

Once you've created a ticket, you can visit our Microsoft Bookings service page to schedule a time with our staff.

Basic troubleshooting steps

There are a few basic steps that users may take before contacting CTS to rule out transient issues:

  • For computer or application issues, please reboot the computer first or restart the misbehaving application.
  • For website issues, please clear your browser's cache and active sessions and try again.

Support for faculty, staff, and lab computers

All University-owned computers that were purchased through or approved for purchase by CTS are entitled to support. This includes:

  • Pick-up and drop-off from most University City campus locations if needed
  • Arranging replacement parts under approved warranty programs
  • Purchasing of replacement parts for repairs not covered under warranty (may require a department or research fund account number)
  • Data recovery analysis
  • Referral for additional services

Support for Apple computers and products

Apple does not provide on-site service for laptops covered by AppleCare+ warranties. Any hardware service required for Apple computers that CTS is unable to resolve will require mailing the system back to an Apple repair depot. Apple's service policies, including charges for out-of-warranty system repairs, are listed at Apple provides specific services for battery replacements on out-of-warranty systems. Any charges for repair services will need to be paid at the time of service via PCard.

Support for non-approved University-owned computers

Any computers purchased directly by a faculty member or research group that were not approved by CTS are entitled to basic levels of support, including:

  • OS installation / reimaging
  • referral for additional services

Support for personal and student computers

Non University-owned computers are not eligible for service.

However, students are permitted to bring their computers to the CTS Helpdesk in Bossone 614 to use repair and diagnostic tools. We're happy to provide technical advice and show interested students how to troubleshoot their issues.