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COE File Server

Operational File Storage Migration

!This PC -> Network Locations

CTS is currently in the process of migrating operational shared files over to the University File Server at \\\colleges\coe. New shortcuts have been pushed out to all faculty and staff computers running a supported copy of Microsoft Windows as a Network Location under This PC.

Looking for research file storage or student group or project file storage?

Locating your files

Depending on what you have access to, files can be found at the following locations. Please note that any words in {curly brackets} are placeholders and must be replaced with the appropriate information. If you do not know what to replace it with, simply leave it off entirely. You will see all of the folders within the share that you have access to.

Administrative Data for the College and Academic Departments

  • Pre-migration: \\\administrative\{department}
  • Post-migration: \\\colleges\coe\{department}

Legacy Faculty and Staff Personal Folders

  • \\\faculty\{username}
  • \\\staff\{username}

Phasing out faculty and staff personal folders

Because of the availability of CrashPlan for data backups and OneDrive for multi-device file syncing, new folders for faculty and staff are no longer being created. Existing folders will be hosted until the hardware is decommissioned.

Photo Share

  • Pre-migration: \\\photos
  • Post-migration: \\\colleges\coe\photos

Software Share

  • \\\software (more info)

Research Groups

These shares are hosted on

  • Research Groups
    \\\data\{group name}

Storage Quotas

Use Quota
Administrative Unlimited
Faculty / Staff 1TB
Research Groups 10TB

Quota increases

The quotas listed above are designed to be reasonable limits for most uses. If a valid need exists to raise a quota, please contact us to discuss details.

Request access to an existing folder or the creation of a new folder

To either request access to an existing folder or the creation of a new folder, please contact us. We may require approval from the folder's owner / maintainer before we grant the requested permissions.