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Instructions for Onboarding New Engineers

All supervisors or PIs should submit a ticket as early as possible letting CTS know of any new faculty, staff, research group members, or teaching assistants. Please include any:

All computer access requests require a Drexel domain account username (e.g. abc123), and all card swipe access requests require a numeric student/employee ID (e.g. 10123456).

If items need to be purchased, providing any known budgetary constraints prior to quotes being obtained is helpful in reducing unnecessary back-and-forth.

Please note that for security reasons, new students and staff are unable to self-request access -- all access requests should come from a user's supervisor, PI, or research group 'super user'. Read more about our research group user management policies.

We also respectfully request that you point new users to (this site!) for information regarding their IT needs. If they have questions that aren't answered here, please send in a ticket email and we'll assist from there.

New Faculty & Staff

For new faculty and staff joining academic or business units within the College of Engineering, please join the CoE Faculty and Staff Team in Microsoft Teams if you haven't already been granted access. This team is used for college-wide announcements across a variety of topics and should be checked on a regular basis for news and updates.