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Research Group Management

Research group membership is managed via security groups on the domain. All groups have two security groups created by default: COE Research {Dept} {Group} Members and COE Research {Dept} {Group} Admins. A research group may request additional security groups to further restrict access to certain resources or for certain projects.

Research Group Admins

A research group's primary investigator (PI) may wish to designate additional group administrators (usually one or more of the group's senior graduate students) who are able to request changes to group membership or grant card access to the group's lab. All change requests to a group's administrator list must come from the group's PI.

Granting Access

Group administrators may contact us to request that members be added or removed from their group. Please include the requested users' domain account names (e.g. abc123). If card access is also being requested for the new users, please include their numeric Drexel IDs (e.g. 12345678) as well.

Auditing Membership

CTS will provide a group's administrators with a full list of their security groups upon request. We encourage groups to verify this membership on an annual basis.