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Engineering Computing Labs

CTS manages physical and virtual computer labs for all of the academic programs within the College of Engineering.

General Policies

When using Drexel computing resources, every student is expected to adhere to the following policies:


Any violation of these policies will result in immediate suspension of lab access, as well as possible further academic disciplinary action.

Research Usage of Academic Computer Labs

Many of the programs installed in our academic computer labs are licensed for teaching and classroom purposes only. Please check our Software page for more information about what uses are allowed for each piece of software. Please do not use teaching-only software for research purposes. You may, however, learn the features of various programs to see if they would suit a research need -- provided that your research group purchases a license for the software before using it to produce any results for publication. Please consult with other members of your research group to see if your group already has access to research compute resources. If your research group would like to set up a new remote compute environment, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Food and Drink

Please keep eating to a minimum, and stick to foods that don't make a mess. Please keep drinks in lidded cups or bottles, and closed when not in use. Accidents happen: if you find a keyboard, mouse, or monitor that's not working, please let us know and we'll swap it out.