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Origin and OriginPro from OriginLab are interactive scientific graphing and data analysis packages that offers an easy-to-use interface for beginners, combined with the ability to perform advanced customization.


OriginPro is currently licensed for use by faculty, students, and researchers affiliated with the Materials Science and Engineering department. It is available to use directly from the MSE remote desktop server.

Installing on Drexel computers via Software Center

OriginPro can be installed via Software Center for any computers categorized as MSE faculty, staff, or research workstations.

Installation onto student personal computers

OriginPro installers are available on the CoE file server at:


Run setup.exe from that location, and all of the necessary license information should automatically be filled in. If you don't have access to that folder, but are affiliated with the MSE department, please contact us.

VPN required for off-campus use

Running OriginPro from off-campus will require an active VPN connection to Drexel's network to access the license server.