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Requesting Software

New Software

Faculty may request new software be considered for deployment to campus and virtual computer labs to be used for teaching purposes or design projects. If the software requires licensing, we will work with the specific department's curriculum committee for obtaining quotes and approvals.


All requests for new software require lead time to navigate the third-party risk management process, approve license agreements, complete the procurement process, and then package, test, and deploy the software.

If needed for class use, please submit your request to the helpdesk at least 2 months prior to the anticipated date of use. We will try to accommodate all requests, but cannot guarantee availability if delays occur outside of our control during the process.

Deployment Methods

CTS uses Drexel IT's Microsoft Configuration Manager service across all of our labs for imaging and software deployment. This allows us to list available software in the Software Center application installed on all domain joined Windows PCs. To access the Software Center, search the Start Menu for Software Center (or look under the Microsoft System Center folder).

Virtual Lab Deployments

All compatible software required for Engineering courses is installed to the Engineering Virtual Labs via the method above using master virtual machines that are then captured and cloned out to a pool of student-facing virtual machines. We maintain a regular class pool and a beta pool, with new versions of the master image deployed to the beta pool first to give instructors a way to test requested changes or to confirm new software versions work as expected.

Software Center is not available on the deployed clones, and system-wide software cannot be installed by students or faculty directly from the virtual lab sessions.

The pool is common to all Engineering students, with some software packages available only to students and faculty in specific academic programs. Software licensing represents a major investment from our academic programs, and we want to allow as many students as possible access while still respecting the individual software license agreements.

Accessing Existing Software

If you need access to a specific software package, please contact us to see if licenses are available for your academic or research use.