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July 2019 CTS Updates

Multi-factor authentication expands into more areas

If you haven't already noticed, DUIT enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) on VPN connections using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client as of a few two weeks ago. VPN connections now require approval via a user's default MFA method. In the coming weeks, logging in to OneDrexel, SmartSource, or other web services via DrexelConnect will require MFA as well.

We know it's a hassle, but MFA has proven to be the best defense against phishing attacks -- even if the attackers convince someone to hand over their password, that information is becoming increasingly useless without access to the user's MFA method.

Computer lab upgrades and software reminders

We've completed our summer term upgrades and are preparing for fall term lab upgrades. ECE's Bossone 213 lab has new workstations running a new lab image based on Windows 10 build 1903. We're still adding software to the image, so if you're an ECE faculty member or TA, please stop by Bossone 213 to log onto the new workstations and test out your course material to make sure it works as expected. We're expecting to roll out this image to all ECE classrooms over the summer-fall term break.

The Engineering Core Curriculum's classroom, Randell 238B, has also be upgraded to solid-state drives and a new Windows image as well.

If you run courses in either of these areas, please confirm prior to the start of class that the software you need is installed and working as expected. If you require additional software, please let us know as soon as possible.

Windows 7 End-Of-Support in January

It's been mentioned before, but bears repeating: Microsoft will cease support for Windows 7 including all security updates and patches after their January 2020 patch release. We're going to be adding Windows logon warnings for all remaining Windows 7 workstations at the start of summer term.

What does this mean for those of you still running Windows 7?

COE User Account Deactivation, Domain End-Of-Life Scheduled

CTS has been in the process of moving all computers from the COE domain over to the Drexel domain. Currently, our plan is to spin down the COE active directory domain entirely at the end of the next academic year (in September of 2020). This does not affect any websites or services with in their address. We are planning to disable all COE user accounts over break week next week -- please contact us ASAP if you are still logging on to your computer using your COE user credentials.